Solutions for crypto based activities

PwD Consulting offers a complete solution for the application of Bitcoin and other crypto assets, be it for investment purposes or blockchain-based payment system implementation.

Our company and our cooperating partners were among the first in Hungary to deal with Bitcoin and other crypto assets for investment, trading or other corporate applications.

Corporate environment

We have been involved in the establishment and operation of leading crypto (bitcoin, ethereum) exchanges and other blockchain-based businesses in Hungary and Europe. As crypto regulation is being set up in the UAE, Dubai, we are monitoring the possibilities and the system to bring crpto business into this leading business hub.

Our financial and tax strategy is shaped by taking into account the ever-changing regulatory environment, with an appropriate legal and professional background.

Bitcoin and other crypto instruments are payment innovations that are gaining in popularity and it is perhaps no coincidence that global companies such as PayPal, eBay and Dell are implementing them into their business models. Their use is legal, safe and secure - with due diligence and minimal costs, they can serve as an alternative to traditional electronic payment systems. However, their unwise use also carries risks in a tightening regulatory environment!

The applicable regulations and contracts are drafted in an internationally accepted format, including in English.

Beside legal and taxation issues, we can provide technology support with our partners.  

For private individuals

It is of paramount importance to learn how crypto assets work and trade, as well as how to properly use crypto wallets and bills of exchange. Crypto investments are increasingly being offered on the internet with promising returns, but these are often fraudulent. Without proper knowledge, you can become a victim of serious fraud and crime! For beginners, we are ready to help you learn about the crypto world safely and avoid scams.

We recommend that you thoroughly research and investigate investment offers abroad, even by taking advantage of our advice.


PwD Consulting

A PwD Consulting Hungary Kft. komplex vállalati- és kripto eszközökre vonatkozó tanácsadási szolgáltatásokat kínál, amelyek szakmai tapasztalatunk és együttműködő partnereink révén hozzásegíthetik Önt és vállalkozását ahhoz, hogy a mai nehéz gazdasági környezetben is sikeres és nyereséges tevékenységet folytathasson.


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